If you want a thing done well, do it yourself. Part 2

I've done it!

Retro Blast - V0.182 

What you're looking at is the first rudimentary implementation of my own virtual Joystick that not only imitates but improves upon the one that comes with the engine. 

  • Bugs
Double Tap isn't not working correctly. - Easy fix
You're able to hold break and move at the same time. -  Easy Fix.
This can potentially be expanded into a gameplay feature.
Hud doesn't scale to screen size - ???
I'm unsure how long this will take to fix. I can imagine the fix would involve plotting out the items using as percentages and then using the screen size to scale things into position correctly.

e.g. "Health:" is at 50% Y and 95% X - Screen size is 1280(w)x720(h). w*0.5 = Y Position h*0.95=X Position

  • Notes
    • I need to add the boost to the touch controls (After doing a quick playtest)
    • I have yet to test this on a cooked mobile build
    • The previous mobile cooked build has serious 1-3 second hitches
    • I need to clean up my spaghetti code into organized bite sized portions
    • I broke all the pc controls while getting touch to work....

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