About Retro Blast

  • What is Retro Blast?
Is the working title for what I've wanted for a while, a good mobile shmup.

I started working in Retro Blast around the start of 2016, with the intention of making a mobile shootem up that had the essence of two of my favorite games Capcom's U.N Squadron and Bizarre Creations (Now Lucid Games) Geometry wars.

Unfortunately I've kinda strayed off the track a little. I started with the twin stick shooter and have slowly nurtured it allowing it to naturally evolve into what the game wants to be, following the "fun" where ever it appears.

  • Who's working on this?

Currently I'm working on all aspects the project by myself.

  • Game Synopsis 
You are a wo/man controlling a ship, inside of a much larger ship that is controlled by an AI.
That AI for some reason or another is now self aware and would you believe, it wants you dead.
  • What actually is Retro Blast? 

Ok, I'll be honest initially I just wanted a side scrolling shooter but then one thing led to another, I kept trying new things and kept adding things that would sound fun but also challenge my abilities in UE4 which would in turn force me to learn something to solve a problem.

Retro Blast in it's current state is a top down shooter with physics driven movement, it's somewhere in between asteroids and a really basic version of geometry wars.

I'm currently aiming for a rouge-like where the player has to escape an AI by navigating through levels and physics puzzles

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