If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.

I've gotten some player feedback that I should consolidate my controls.

  • Problem

I've been told that moving your thumbs up and down the screen to access these areas isn't appealing and I'll be honest I threw this together for a quick play test to see if these should be implemented as full features.

  • Current Implementation
(Red line draw over so it looks like I know what I'm doing)


These controls are "implemented" using the InputTouch action and a few bools.
This solution while quick has a few downsides.

1. InputTouch only fires once per press / movement
2. The location output will update to the next input location (e.g. 2nd finger)

Useful for quick "Screen buttons" like I have above especially as it functions while Epic's Virtual Joystick is working but not exactly intuitive and no granular customizability on my end.

  • Potential solutions

- Easy - Remove the break and boost from the game
- Hard - Integrate the break and boost into the my own custom virtual joystick
- Cop Out - Move the break to the other side of the screen and add on screen buttons

I obviously went for the hard solution because I had a cool idea.

  • Idea

If the player double taps and holds down their finger in the joystick dead zone (Red) then they will begin to break and if the player moves the joystick outside of the normal joystick navigation area (Blue) twice then they will boost.
I'll then complement these actions with the UI & Ship model changing colour to indicate these actions are going to occur.

  • Implementation

The next post I make will cover how I implemented the system.