Feature creep is real

Hello, it's been an entire month since I last posted an update!

Since then I have done the following:

I was running out of space in my floppy disk sized brain, so after looking into a few solutions I decided to opt for using Trello as a project management / feature tracking tool.

I breakdown features by priority, this allows me to focus on a single important feature, instead of getting caught up on smaller details.

  • Roped in an Audio Designer.
I'm mediocre at most things but my audio abilities aren't even palatable to my own ear, so to help give the game some much needed atmosphere and feeling I've found myself an audio designer.

  • Set up my own dedicated Perforce server.
Which was easy thanks to the creator of this YouTube playlist.
I've done this for two reasons:
  1. Copy pasting the entire game folder to archive and have a backup is poor practice
  2. This allows other people to work on the project with me

Things I've done to the game:
  • Added basic VFX
  • Added the first implementation of the regenerating fuel resource system

    I made the fuel grow exponentially overtime which was a bit of a pain to figure out but it was something I really wanted to learn how to do.

    I had two options

    1. Make int multiply by the power of 2 then clamping this to a range which would give me a constant growth over time for my fuel.

    2. Use a timeline from 0-1 and multiply the value.

    I went for option two because it gave me more control of the curve and length of time. The downside to this is (as far as I'm aware) you're unable to change the time of the timeline during runtime. So regardless of the max value it will always take a static duration of time to reach max.
  • Added a basic TouchUI
  • Changed boost to a button
    (I over engineered this swipe to boost system and a lot of people couldn't understand it without a lot of explanation)
  • Added a very basic textured 3D model for a ship
  • Implemented a more advanced camera interpolation system that zooms out + tilts when moving fast in a direction
  • Begun writing code for design elements/actors!

Retro Blast - CL40

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