What goes with marshmallows? Bonfires

The primary platform for Retro Blast is mobile with the focus on making it a fun quick "commuter" game with a lot of depth to it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and an iPhone 4s.
I push builds to my S6 and play the game on my commute, this allows me to actually play the game for fun and takes me out of "dev mode" so I can really identify what is wrong with my game. (At the moment it's the lack of a "goal" more about this in a later post)

I recently installed the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update and I had locked down UE4 at 4.9 so I would have a stable engine to build Retro Blast, unfortunately 4.9 has a texture rendering issue on Android 6.0 so I was forced to grab 4.11.1.

4.11.1 did fixed the texture issue, but it also broke a few other things that were working....


  • High speed physics collisions no longer effect the actor rotation.
4.9.1 4.10.2


Turned off CCD on the root which had (no collision anyway) CCD was turned on for both the static mesh and the root sphere.
  • When physics items are detached they do not retain the momentum their parent had.
4.9.1 4.10.2

From what I can tell attached and detached items get their "set simulation physics" reset now, I just added a "set simulate physics" on the Release Item event just after the detach.

  • Held boxes have no collision
4.9.1 4.10.2

The boxes are attached to a "PickupArea" collision cube, it looks like in 4.10. The attached object inherits the collision information from the component they are attached to, previously the collision cube was set to Query only, I set this to collision enabled and this fixed the problem.

  •  Held boxes cant be dropped
4.10.2 4.11.1

I used a "Is overlapping actor" bool linked up to the EndOverlap, which was incorrectly firing constantly...I'm sure I've had an issue in the past where an event was incorrectly firing...

There is another bug that the upgrade caused where ribbon particles no longer render but from a quick search it seems like it might be an issue that I can't fix at the moment.

I was meant to spend my weekend implementing cool new features but instead I've been on smore eating duty... I mean I did manage to find the time work on a camera collision shake for walls that is separate from the damaged state.

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